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Friday, September 17, 2010

Toxins investigated in spy's death

Analyst: 'Look east: Chinese have history of creating poison'

September 17, 2010

Scientists at Porton Down, Britain's chemical and biological warfare establishment on the edge of Salisbury Plain, have ruled out that Gareth Williams, the GCHQ spy, was poisoned by polonium, the lethal radioactive poison that killed Alexander Litvinenco, a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin confirms.

But they have identified a number of lethal fast-acting toxins which would have left no trace in his body long before it was found inside a padlocked holdall inside his MI6 safe house in Pimlico, London.

Porton Down has a special unit housed in the building where government microbiologist Dr. David Kelly had his own research laboratories. The unit specializes in analyzing poisons used by foreign intelligence services.

Last week it was reported that the Russian government had given the Foreign Office a "guarantee" that its intelligence service, SVR, had not murdered Williams. The Foreign Office has refused to discuss the matter. But MI6 insist the Russians were not involved.

An intelligence source close to the Williams investigation suggested "look east: The Chinese have a long history of creating the perfect poison."

China's scientists work in laboratories inside the Ministry of State Security, MSS, complex. Their department is known as the Investigative Bureau, and near the Forbidden City in Beijing.

The bureau has ultimate control over all China's intelligence operations. These including recruiting double agents and paying the fees of Chinese students to study abroad. Graduates are urged to find jobs in the defense industries like Britain and the United States.

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