Daily Post : Claims building in which Anglesey MI6 spy lived in was broken into

Monday, February 20, 2012

Claims building in which Anglesey MI6 spy lived in was broken into

by Dan Beavan, DPW West | February 20, 2012

SECURITY concerns had been raised in the months before the body of a spy was found in a holdall it has been claimed.

The body of 31-year-old GCHQ code-breaker Gareth Williams, from Valley, Anglesey, was discovered in his London flat in August 2010.

He had been padlocked inside a holdall that was left in an empty bath.

His death appeared a baffling mystery to Met Police.

But according to a leading Sunday newspaper, a source close to Mr Williams has come forward claiming the Pimlico building, where the spy lived in London, was broken into several months before his death, which has apparently not been revealed by the authorities.

According to the source Mr Williams had told him a female occupant on the ground floor flat had asked the spy to swap apartments after hers was broken into.

The property was used by MI6 to house its agents.

A major investigation by the Met Police was launched but has so far failed to establish what led to his death.

Westminster Coroner’s Court has said a pre-inquest review will take place on March 29, with a full inquest to follow three weeks later.

The inquest is expected to last four days.

Evening Standard : Body-in-bag spy's family demand answers from inquest 18 months on

Monday, February 20, 2012

Body-in-bag spy's family demand answers from inquest 18 months on

Kiran Randhawa | February 20, 2012

The family of an MI6 spy found dead in a sports bag are demanding that they are finally told what happened to him.

The badly decomposed body of Gareth Williams, 31, was found 18 months ago in a holdall in the bath of his flat in Pimlico. Although a series of toxicology tests was performed to determine what caused his death, it still remains unexplained.

A pre-inquest review into the case will be held on March 29 at Westminster coroner's court, and a full inquest is expected to begin three weeks later.

Mr Williams's family hope a blanket of secrecy over the case will finally be lifted.
Trefor Lloyd Hughes, a friend of the family, told the Standard: "They need to know what happened to Gareth. I hope we finally get some real answers.

"Let's hope the family can gain some solace at last. They have been in the dark for so long and have no idea what happened to their son.

"They need answers to end their agony. I have no doubt some higher influences will be involved here which may stop certain information from getting through, but I would say the family need peace."

Mr Hughes, 64, a councillor and retired ambulance worker from Holyhead, Anglesey, lived across the road from Mr Williams's parents Ian and Ellen for several years. Their sons grew up together and he remains a good friend of the family.

He added: "It's taken so long for this inquest to come along. I will be really disappointed if further information comes out years down the line that didn't come out during this inquest.

"It will be hard for his parents to go through it, but we are all hoping this will be the end. You do get annoyed they have had to wait this long though. It's absolutely disgraceful."

As many as 40 of Mr Williams's colleagues from GCHQ and MI6 are expected to give evidence at the inquest, although their testimony is likely to be heard in secret to protect their identities.

Police found the cycling enthusiast's naked body zipped and padlocked in a red North Face holdall on August 23 2010 at his flat less than a mile from MI6's headquarters in Vauxhall. There were no signs of a struggle.

The property was used by MI6 as a safe house. Mr Williams, a GCHQ codebreaker on secondment, had not been at work for several days.

Pimlico People : Inquest held in Pimlico spy murder

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Inquest held in Pimlico spy murder

By James Mass | February 2, 2012

Almost two years after the mysterious death of Gareth Williams, the MI6 spy whose body was found in a holdall in his Pimlico flat, an inquest is to be finally held.

Having carried out toxicology tests and a prolonged investigation police were unable to form a conclusion on the bizarre case. Dr Fiona Wilcox, the coroner for Westminster, is due to hold the hearing in April. A pre-inquest review will be held on 29th March at Horseferry Road Coroner's Court.

It's been reported that as many as 40 colleagues of the deceased from GCHQ and MI6 will provide evidence.

Mr Williams' badly decomposed body was found on 23rd August 2010 by an officer who was alerted by Williams' sister who anxiously called because she had not heard from her brother in ten days.

This Is Somerset : Spy death inquest dates

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Spy death inquest dates

Western Daily Press | January 31, 2012

An inquest into the death of Cheltenham spy Gareth Williams will take place more than 18 months after his body was found locked in a bag at his flat in London.

The body of the GCHQ codebreaker, on secondment to MI6, was found naked inside the bag on August 23, 2010.

It is believed he had been dead for a week. Confirmation was given yesterday that a pre-inquest review will take place in London on March 29.

The Daily Mail has reported that a full inquest is expected three weeks later and said the hearing is expected to call up to 40 of Mr Williams's colleagues from GCHQ and MI6 to give evidence, likely to be heard in secret.

In February last year, an inquiry into the 31-year-old's death was adjourned as Scotland Yard detectives waited for the results of a fresh round of forensic tests.

Counter-terrorism officers had interviewed around 40 of his colleagues at GCHQ in Cheltenham, as well as at MI6, Westminster Coroner's Court heard at the time.

They were said to have been passing findings to investigators from the force's Homicide and Serious Crime Command, which is responsible for the inquiry.

The inquest heard that some or all of them could give evidence about Mr Williams.

At the time of his death, the keen hill-race and time-trial cyclist had been days from completing the one-year secondment from GCHQ in Cheltenham, where he worked for ten years and rented a flat in Bouncers Lane.