Toronto Sun : MI6 spy died in sex game gone wrong

Saturday, October 30, 2010

MI6 spy died in sex game gone wrong

By QMI Agency | October 30, 2010

Police now believe that Gareth Williams, the former codebreaker for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service MI6 whose body was found naked in a padlocked gym bag in his west London flat, died accidentally from the lack of oxygen during a sex game gone wrong.

British tabloid The Sun reports that police say the 31-year-old man got sexual pleasure from being confined in small places and agreed to be locked in a 32-inch long North Face sports bag.

Police believe Williams died quickly from the heat and lack of air inside the bag while the person who locked him inside was out of the room. When the person realized Williams suffocated to death, he or she put the key inside the bag and moved it to the bath tub where police found the body on Aug. 23.

Toxicology reports came back clean and police have ruled out foul play but are looking for the person who locked Williams inside the bag as well as a couple that visited his apartment a month before his death.

The former codebreaker's computers showed that he visited websites on claustrophilia as well as bondage and sado-masochism.