Wednesday, September 01, 2010


By Jerry Lawton | September 1, 2010

SPY Gareth Williams may have been the victim of the “perfect murder” by an expert assassin who used a martial arts death grip.

Police still have no idea how he died, nine days after his body was found stuffed inside a sports bag.

Pathologists are examining the MI6 agent’s neck to see if he could have suffered a “pressure blow” so subtle it did not show up during his post-mortem.

Medics believe it could explain how Gareth, 31, was apparently murdered without the culprit leaving any clue to the method.

There are no marks around his neck indicating he had been throttled. His body shows no signs of a struggle, or puncture marks to suggest he was injected with poison.

The post-mortem failed to determine how he died and detectives are so baffled they have still not been able to officially declare the case a murder.

They hope the results of toxicology tests on the body due later this week will shed some light on the mystery.

But a source told the Daily Star: “At the moment it looks like he was the victim of the perfect murder. There is an increasingly worrying possibility we may never know how he died.”

Detectives probing his background for clues have had their efforts blocked by the security services. Officers are tracing calls on a number of mobile phone SIM cards found at his Government flat in Pimlico, central London.

They are also checking big transactions involving Gareth’s bank accounts.