News Of The World : Make-up riddle of dead spy

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make-up riddle of dead spy

September 26, 2010

THE M16 spy found dead in a padlocked sportsbag in his bath may have been with a woman before he died, police believe.

Cops found a £90 receipt for make-up in Gareth Williams' flat - but not the beauty products, which they think someone may have left with.

And the padlock key was missing, supporting the theory Gareth, 31, was not alone when he died in Pimlico, central London, last month.

The home was locked from outside and his house keys were still inside. But nothing seems to have been stolen.

Cops think someone with access may have locked him in the bag then left. They believe a Mediterranean couple, with him in the weeks before he died, may be able to help the inquiry.

A rainbow wig was in the flat. Cops say there is no evidence for claims he cross-dressed.

Test results are due next week but it's believed he suffocated.