Sun : Cops hunt couple over MI6 murder

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cops hunt couple over MI6 murder

By MIKE SULLIVAN, Crime Editor | September 7, 2010

SCOTLAND Yard was last night hunting a mystery couple over the murder of body-in-the-bath MI6 spook Gareth Williams.

The man and woman called at the codebreaker's flat in the dead of night weeks before the 30-year-old was found killed.

A neighbour who let the pair into their central London block described them as Mediterranean-looking.

Detectives have so far been unable to trace the couple. They appealed to the public for help - as they issued CCTV of the victim's last known movements.

Eight days later a holdall was found in his Pimlico bath with his body stuffed inside.

How he died remains a mystery. A toxicology report revealed by cops yesterday found no alcohol, drugs or easily-detected poisons in his blood.

Experts are carrying out further tests to discover if he was the victim of any rare poisons - like the radiation that killed former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.

But the main focus of the police inquiry is on the Cambridge graduate's private life.

Det Chief Insp Jacqueline Sebire said: "This remains a complex unexplained-death inquiry."