Police Professional : MI6 officer - No sign of drugs or poison

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MI6 officer - No sign of drugs or poison

By Dilwar Hussain | October 28, 2010

A toxicology test on the body of Gareth Williams, found in a suitcase in his home in London, has shown no trace of any drugs, alcohol, poisons or any other substances.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) confirmed the results on October 28.

There are no plans to carry out any further tests of this type, but enquiries continue to try and establish a formal cause of death.

Officers from the homicide and serious crime command investigating the death of GCHQ officer have reiterated their appeals for information to identify a man and woman let into the communal front door of his address.

The 30-year-old’s death remains suspicious and unexplained and enquiries into the circumstances continue.

His body was found in his flat in Pimlico in August by uniformed officers. There was no sign of any forced entry to the property, and no signs of disturbance inside.

Mr. Williams was found unclothed, in a zipped and padlocked red North Face holdall which was in an empty bath in the en suite bathroom.

He was seconded to MI6 at the time of his death and much speculation has been made that the murder was connected to his work although detectives say no evidence exists to confirm this.