Sun: Bag spook died in 'Houdini' sex game

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bag spook died in 'Houdini' sex game

By MIKE SULLIVAN | Crime Editor | October 29, 2010

BODY-in-the-bag spy Gareth Williams suffocated after a kinky Houdini-style sex game went wrong, detectives said yesterday.

The naked MI6 codebreaker was a fan of claustrophilia - in which people get sexual pleasure from confined spaces.

Cops believe the 31-year-old maths genius died accidentally from lack of oxygen after he agreed to be locked in the 32-inch-long sports holdall by another person.

They reckon the person who zipped up the bag discovered him dead and fled the flat.

They have ruled out foul play but are still trying to trace the other person.

There were no signs of injury to Mr Williams' body and toxicology tests found nothing suspicious.

An examination of his two laptops showed he visited websites on claustrophilia.

He also had links to a bondage and sado-masochism website.

Two wigs and women's make-up were also in the flat in Pimlico, West London.

Mr Williams was zipped into the North Face bag and a padlock was snapped shut through two eyeholes in the handles - but the key was found inside.

Normally claustrophiliacs use a password in case of trouble.

It is thought Mr Williams, who did not have a girlfriend, died quickly in the hot bag, possibly while the other person was out of the room.

The key was then put in the bag which was moved to the bath.

Cops are hunting a couple who visited Mr Williams, originally from North Wales, before he died in August.

And CCTV showed him in a red T-shirt shopping at Harrods.