Thursday, December 23, 2010


As bondage websites may hold key to spy’s death

December 23, 2010

(INTERNATIONAL) -- In a strange set of circumstances that read like a pulp fiction spy novel, London police detectives believe the mysterious death of spy Gareth Williams may be solved by gaining more information about his private life after they earlier revealed he had visited bondage websites and a drag club and had £15,000 worth of unworn designer women’s wear in his wardrobe.

Williams's decomposed body was discovered in a padlocked satchel in his apartment, which is less than a mile from MI6 headquarters in London where he was a senior analyst.

Police think he had died a week earlier in the early hours of August 16th.

They also believe someone else was present at his death although they say tests show no signs of a struggle or forced entry into the apartment and no sign that he was drugged.

So far police have released the following information about the spy’s death.

• Williams used his smartphone to visit websites on bondage (and escape from bondage) in the months before his death.

• He had been padlocked into the satchel by someone else as police say it was impossible for him to have locked himself inside.

• Once padlocked in the bag, with the keys inside, he could only have survived for about 30 minutes before suffocating.

• Police are trying to locate a mysterious couple, a man and woman of Mediterranean appearance, who visited his block and claimed to have a key to his apartment weeks before Williams's death.

• Just four days before he died, Williams went to a drag club in east London to see an act called Jimmy Woo, and had tickets for two similar performances at a pub close to MI6 headquarters.

• A witness told police that Williams had been seen at a gay bar in Vauxhall months before his death.

When Williams's decomposing body was found August 23rd police also discovered £15,000 of unworn women's designer clothing, wigs and shoes in his closet.

It is now believed Williams had been leading a secret life of a gay man in his off hours unknown to family, friends or coworkers.

The high fashion women’s clothing found in the apartment was in original boxes or wrapping paper and appeared unworn.

Williams had enrolled in two fashion design courses in London in 2009 and 2010.