UKPA : Video shows spy wearing only boots

Friday, April 27, 2012

Video shows spy wearing only boots

April 27, 2012

A video recovered from Gareth Williams's flat appears to show him dressed in nothing but black leather boots, the inquest into his death has heard.

He "wiggles and gyrates" with his back to the camera in the footage found on a mobile phone by detectives.

The MI6 spy also kept pictures of drag queens on his computer and browsed self-bondage websites on his computers and phone. He spent 50% of his time online looking at "couture" women's fashion and was looking at fetish websites days before his death.

In one record of him viewing self-bondage websites, images showed "a model enclosed in plastic and using a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out", Detective Constable Robert Burrows said.

Det Con Burrows said film also "appears to show him being filmed from the back naked apart from a pair of leather boots".

Describing the footage, Dec Con Burrows said: "He walks up to the chair and stands directly behind the back of the chair."

He appears to reach down and touch his boots before he "wiggles and gyrates his posture". He then turns towards the camera before walking out of view.

Web records also showed he once searched for bondage sites and watched a YouTube video after typing "dress bondage training". Pages from 2008 showed he may have looked at sites relating to "hogtie", a bondage method of tying the limbs together.

Drag queen images saved on his computer include those of Jay Clarke and Jeffrey Star.

Detective Constable Simon Warren said: "I would say that Gareth was keenly interested in ladies' fashion but the very high end couture fashion." He said the bondage footage on his computer was "an isolated (incident) among a sea of other data".

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