[video] Reuters : Spy-in-bag case baffles UK police

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spy-in-bag case baffles UK police

Reuters | April 28, 2012

British investigators try to work out how the body of a spy ended up inside a locked sports bag with the keys to the padlock with him. Paul Chapman reports.

It's a mystery that's still baffling British police. How did a spy whose body was found in a locked sports bag like this get inside it. Gareth Williams had the keys to the lock with him inside the bag and there was no sign of a struggle. So did somebody else put him there? This police reconstruction shows a yoga expert trying to lock himself into a similar bag. He tried 300 times without success. A lawyer for Williams' family has told an inquest hearing they believed a secret service agency removed evidence from the scene relating to his death. British intelligence officials have denied the 31-year-old's unexplained death was linked to his work or that it had covered up the episode. One of the detectives investigating the death has said she believed someone else had helped him into the bag because there were specks of unidentified DNA on it. Williams' body was found in the bag at his apartment a week after he failed to show up for work with Britain's MI6 foreign intelligence agency. Paul Chapman, Reuters