Press TV : UK spy agency not above law in spy death inquiry

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

UK spy agency not above law in spy death inquiry

May 9, 2012

British spy agency has been warned it is not above the law after the suspected death of one of its agents, which experts say may have been engineered by the British secret services.

Scotland Yard’s Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said the MI6 officers could have their DNA checked if they are recognized as suspects in the death of the agency’s former code-breaker Gareth Williams whose body was found in a bag in his London flat in 2010.

Hogan-Howe has also demanded that MI6 provides the police “unrestricted access” to its staff for DNA screening in connection with the case, which coroners say was a murder.

His call comes as inquirers in Williams’s case have now pinned their hopes to DNA samples, which they could compare to samples from a towel recovered from his kitchen after 21 months of investigations.

Last week coroner Fiona Wilcox said Williams has been probably murdered adding the secret services’ involvement in his killing “remained a legitimate line of inquiry.”

Hogan-Howe has made it clear that the law gives the inquirers enough power to ensure MI6 cooperates with the investigations.