Telegraph : Family of Gareth Williams call for police review of case

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Family of Gareth Williams call for police review of case

The family of Gareth Williams, the MI6 spy found dead in padlocked bag, have called for Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe to review the case in the light of the failings of the counter-terrorism unit SO15.

By Martin Evans and Tom Whitehead | May 2, 2012

In a statement issued shortly after the coroner in the case Dr Fiona Wilcox had delivered her narrative verdict, Mr Williams’s parents Ian and Ellen and sister Ceri, also criticised MI6 for mistakes they had made during the investigation.

The inquest, which lasted eight days, heard how members of SO15 had failed to seize certain items of potentially crucial evidence and had carried out inadequate searches at Mr Williams’ workplace.

His employer had also failed to alert anyone of his disappearance for a week.

The statement, in both Welsh and English, was read outside Westminster Coroner’s Court by the family solicitor Robyn Williams.

He said: “To lose a son and brother at any time is a tragedy. To lose and son and brother in such circumstances as have been outlined here, only compound the tragedy.

“Our grief is exacerbated by the failures of his employers MI6 to make even the most basic of inquiries as to his well being and welfare.”

The statement went on: “We are also extremely disappointed by the failure and reluctance of MI6 to make available relevant information.

“We would call on the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mr Hogan-Howe to look into and review how the investigation will proceed in the light of the total inadequacies of SO15’s investigation into MI6.”

The family also thanked DCI Jackie Sebire who led the police investigation for the thoroughness with which she approached the case.

The statement concluded: “Gareth was and always will be a special and adored son and brother. We miss him every single day and cannot describe the depth of the sorrow his absence leaves in our lives.

"We love you Gareth and will treasure your memory eternally. To live on in the hearts of those you leave behind is not to die.”