Sun : Spy in bag was ‘not the victim of mystery security services hit’

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spy in bag was ‘not the victim of mystery security services hit’

December 27, 2012

THE MI6 agent found dead in a sports bag was probably not the victim of a mystery assassination, cops now believe.

Scotland Yard now think Gareth Williams may have locked himself into the large red holdall where his naked body was found.

Westminster Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox said earlier this year that she could not rule out the involvement of the security services in the death.

The ruling triggered a review of the case by Scotland Yard’s murder squad.

Now it is believed Mr Williams probably died alone, according to The Daily Telegraph.

A source close to the inquiry said: “They have been unable to find any trace of anyone who should not have been in the flat and every reason to believe that Gareth may have climbed into the bag himself and been unable to get out”.

The keys to the red North Face holdall were found in the bottom of the bag when Mr Williams’ naked body was found in the empty bath of his apartment in Pimlico, central London, in August 2010.

Two experts tried a total of 400 times to lock themselves into the bag.

And it was claimed that even world-famous escapologist Harry Houdini "would have struggled" to squeeze himself inside.

But days after the inquest verdict a retired Army sergeant showed how it was possible to climb into a similar North Face bag and lock it from the inside.

Scotland Yard detectives have now been able to repeat the experiment so it fits with how Mr Williams was found in August 2010, reports The Daily Telegraph.