Daily Star : Family of MI6 spy say there is no way their son killed himself

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family of MI6 spy say there is no way their son killed himself

THE family of spy in the bag Gareth Williams were furious yesterday as police said he probably killed himself by accident.

By Jimmy McCloskey | November 14, 2013

The MI6 worker’s naked body was found in a padlocked holdall at his London flat in August, 2010.

A coroner ruled Gareth had been unlawfully killed, sparking fears of a plot by spooks.

But the Metropolitan Police yesterday revealed the results of a year-long review and claimed his death was a tragic accident.

Relatives of the 31-year-old spy are furious at the report. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewett said:

“The Metropolitan Police’s position is that, on balance, it is a more probable conclusion that there was no other person present when Gareth died.”

He said the death was “most probably” an accident.

But he admitted it was impossible “to establish the full circumstances of Gareth’s death beyond all reasonable doubt”.

Yesterday the spy’s family said in a statement: “We are naturally disappointed that it is still not possible to state with certainty how Gareth died.

“The fact that the circumstances of his death are still unknown adds to our grief.

“We consider that on the basis of the facts the coroner’s verdict accurately reflects the circumstances of Gareth’s death.”

Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox last year said theories he had been killed by fellow spies “remained
a legitimate line of inquiry”.

But Commissioner Hewett dismissed claims his officers had been duped by MI6.

He said: “I do not believe that I have had the wool pulled over my eyes. I believe that what we are dealing with is a tragic unexplained death.”