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Friday, November 15, 2013

James Bond - Not: MI6 Spy Accidentally Kills Himself

By Sigrid Salucop | November 15, 2013

James Bond is known for being calm and liking his Martini "shaken not stirred" but while the coolest spy in the history of espionage movies is British, some British spies are not as lucky as James Bond.

According to Inquisitr, Scotland Yard is to announce the cause of death of an MI6 Secret Service agent. Gareth Williams, who was found inside a large sports bag three years ago, inspired a number of theories about his death. Reports Wednesday is a contradiction of previous reports that Williams died in the hands of another person.

British investigators say that Williams locked himself inside the bag by mistake. His remains were found in 2010 after friends reported that they were not able to contact Williams for several days. The bag was found in a safe house of the SIS.

Who is Gareth Williams?

Gareth Williams may be known for his death -naked inside a bag in the bath, but he wasn't just a spy according to sources. Williams also worked as a codebreaker at GCHQ. It's also revealed that he was keen on escapology. The spy was a Mathematician from Wales who worked for GCHQ. After his stint at GCHQ, he was seconded to the MI6.

Gareth Williams Inquest

An inquiry in 2012 resulted to coroner Fiona Wilcox saying that the spy was likely to have been "unlawfully killed". They reportedly assumed that it was impossible for a person to get into such a bag and lock himself in.

According to The Guardian, Wilcox said that there were no sign of injuries on Williams's body. He was also found to not have been involved in any type of struggle. Wilcox added that he was free from drugs or alcohol.

A BBC report after the 2012 inquest notes however that the Metropolitan Police considered the MI6 worker's death to be "suspicious and unexplained". The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whom Williams worked closely before his death, also took a look into the case. In December of 2010, police released information that the spy had visited bondage Web sites.

Martin Hewitt of the Met Police said that it was "theoretically possible" that Williams padlocked the bag while he was inside it. The Deputy Assistant Commissioner added that "many questions remain unanswered" considering the British spy's death.

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