International Business Times : James Bond? Gareth Williams Did Not Get Into Bag Alone Say Experts

Monday, November 18, 2013

James Bond? Gareth Williams Did Not Get Into Bag Alone Say Experts

By Sigrid Salucop | November 18, 2013

Experts say the MI6 spy found dead inside a holdall did not get inside the bag alone. The experts reportedly tried but failed to recreate what police claim happened to British spy Gareth Williams according to the Telegraph.

Williams, who worked as a codebreaker for GCHQ before his stint with MI6, could not have placed himself inside the bag without the assistance of another person, and zipped up the same bag while inside it. Witnesses who worked with the experts reportedly claim that the task was attempted around 400 times but no one was able to recreate it.

Mr Williams was found in the bath in August 2010, naked and already decomposing. The handles of the bag when found was closed with Velcro, reports say. There was reportedly no sign of struggle.

According to the Telegraph, Mr William's DNA was not found on the holdall and there was also no sign of his DNA on the bath. Mr Williams was reportedly not wearing gloves.

The Police Conclusion

Despite how mysterious it is for the MI6 spy to have gotten inside the bag alone without leaving DNA evidence, the police concluded that Gareth Williams got into the holdall himself.

A confined spaces experts William MacKay says that someone else was in the room the day Mr Williams placed himself or was placed inside the holdall. MacKay said, "When you put the forensic evidence together with the other evidence the likelihood that one person could do it is slim."

For the inquest, Mr MacKay and a yoga expert attempted to recreate the scene. Reports say that although the expert was able to get inside the holdall, it was not possible for the bag to be closed from the inside.

Peter Faulding, like Mr MacKay, believes that Williams was not alone in the bath. Faulding believes, according to reports, that what happened to the British spy points toward murder. He added that the London flat's heating was turned up even though the event happened midsummer of 2010.

The doorknob to the bath was removed according to evidence and Gareth Williams's iPhone was wiped.

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