The Journal [Ireland] : Couple sought over MI6 officer’s death may never be found, say police

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Couple sought over MI6 officer’s death may never be found, say police

February 15, 2011

THE INQUEST THE DEATH of a MI6 officer Gareth Williams has heard that two people wanted in connection with the death have not come forward and are not likely to be traced, the BBC reports.

The body of Williams, 31, of Anglesey, North Wales, was found locked inside a large sports bag inside the bath of his London apartment in August 2010.

He lived in Pimlico, London, just yards from MI6 headquarters. A post-mortem failed to establish the cause of death.

Investigators had said there was no indication his death was due more to his private life than his professional one, though both have been considered and some 40 intelligence employees have been interviewed.

Williams’ work involved him travelling to the US a few times a year to visit the National Security Agency. His family described him as a mathematical genius and a very private person.

Today, the inquest was adjourned until the end of March, but the detective leading the investigation into Williams’ death acknowledged that it was becoming less and less likely that the wanted couple would be traced, according to the Telegraph.

The man and woman were seen at his London home before his death and are described as being a “Mediterranean” couple in their 20s.