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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Failing Investigation

Martin Brunt | February 15, 2011

So we'll probably never know the how, why or who in the bizarre death of codebreaker spook Gareth Williams.

Police have admitted they haven't found the mystery couple who visited him and are still awaiting the results of forensic/toxicology tests six months after he was found suffocated and naked inside a locked sports bag in the bath of his flat.

The inquest into his death has been postponed again while police continue to try to unravel his complicated life.

Up to forty of his spook colleagues from MI6 and GCHQ may give evidence at the inquest, but will be granted anonimity.

And those potential witnesses aren't even being interviewed by the investigation team.

They, unusually, are being quizzed by counter-terror detectives, who then pass the information to homicide police.

They can hardly be surprised then by the many conspiracy theories that abound.

Readers, feel free to add your own.

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