Rutland and Stamford Mercury : Mystery DNA at spy's death scene

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mystery DNA at spy's death scene

April 24, 2012

A mysterious DNA discovery at the death scene of MI6 spy Gareth Williams was revealed as a detective said she believed there was third party involvement.

Unidentified forensic traces were left on the bag encasing his curled-up body in a bath, Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Sebire said.

The leading officer in the case came close to ruling out suicide as she said "two minor components of another contributor's DNA" were found on the zip toggle and padlock. Her evidence came as footage of a red holdall bulging with his body shape was played in public for the first time.

Ms Sebire said her officers had looked at all possibilities. But she told Westminster Coroner's Court: "My thought or my opinion since I went into the scene is that a third party had been involved in the death or by putting the body in the bag."

Items on display in footage of Mr Williams' immaculately kept flat included a newspaper cutting headlined "top five regrets of the dying".

The police video took the inquest on a walking tour of his Pimlico home, showing a woman's red wig, lipstick and make-up, in the condition that it was found. Footage then showed close-up images of the white bathroom suite where Mr Williams's body was found.

The film zoomed in on the red North Face bag, showing bulges from his limbs inside and a brass padlock locking two zips together from the outside. Mr Williams was found in the foetal position in the bag, there were no signs of struggle and his body position appeared "calm", Ms Sebire said.

The officer said she would have expected to find fingerprints left by Mr Williams on the bathroom tiles. She added: "In my opinion he was very calm. His face was very calm. His hands were resting on his chest."

The flat gave an insight into the codebreaker's mind, showing carefully arranged piles of books and an extensive CD collection. There was no sign of a break-in at the flat, with cash left in a cupboard and a mobile phone on the living room table. There was little clutter except for a dressing gown and quilt discarded on the bedroom floor.

The inquest was adjourned until Wednesday, when friends of Mr Williams will give evidence.

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