UPI : Inquest into British spy's death

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inquest into British spy's death

April 24, 2012

LONDON, April 24 (UPI) -- Small pieces of DNA were found on the carryall in which the remains of slain British spy Gareth Williams were found, a coroner's inquest heard Tuesday.

Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Sebire told the inquest the small DNA fragments were discovered on the zipper's toggle and padlock used to lock the carryall encasing Williams' body, found in the bath of his Pimlico apartment.

He was reported missing Aug. 23, 2010, Britain's The Telegraph reported.

"My thought or opinion since I went into the scene is that a third party had been involved in the death or in putting the bag in the bath," Sebire said.

A graphic was shown at the Westminster Coroner's Court inquest displaying how Williams' nude and decomposing body was bent into the fetal position, arms crossed across his chest.

Sebire said Williams had been fit and muscular and she did not see any evidence of tearing to the netting inside the bag.

The inquest heard Monday there were no inquiries conducted by any agencies other than MI6 since 2001.

Andrew O'Connor, attorney for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, told coroner Fiona Wilcox MI6 had conducted an internal investigation of its own.

"The fruits of that internal investigation were shared with the police at the time," O'Connor said.

Williams' sister, Ceri Subbe testified Monday her brother had tired of the "rat race" and the "flash car competition and post-work drinking culture" of MI6.